Clarity For What You Most Want

Clarity is a source of joy and also a source of peace or serenity.

When we are clear we do not need external validation. 

When there is clarity, there is no fog. When we are clear, we can move mountains. We can accomplish anything. We defy the odds, we don’t give up.

Clarity is not something that falls from the sky, it’s something you create. And this is why it’s at the core of Unlock Your Full Potential Coaching program. 

So, how are you approaching the months ahead? Are you moving through this new season with hope, excitement, confidence, and energy? Or is it rather with doubt, dread, indecision, and fatigue?

No matter where you are in the world and what you want in your life reinvention & clarity is the key to moving forward. You might have new ideas, and an entire plan, yet something is holding you back. 

Maybe you feel:

  • Nothing is permanent, you’re never really settled;
  • Everything is in the air now, you’re not sure where you will be in a year;
  • There are so many important decisions to make all the time that it leaves you no time to focus on yourself
  • Every time you move you have to start over, and maybe even get a new work permit authorization, so you think to yourself, “why bother?”
  • The kids need you right now, so it would be super selfish to start something for yourself.

At once in my life, I couldn’t seem to make this equation work either: coaching, moving, making money, being there for the family…. I strongly believed something had to give…. And when I finally became clear on what I really wanted, then nothing could stand in the way. This is how I created Girafe Coaching.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What is clarity & what does it look like in your life?
  2. A key component to creating clarity (that you may not have thought of before)
  3. What you’ll invite in once you find clarity

If you find yourself seeking clarity for your purpose and how money can fit into that equation after listening to this episode– I have something special for you. I’m hosting a free Purpose & Money roundtable on September 7th at 9 am EST.

In this conversation, we’ll go beyond the logistical hustle that is real yet often only the tip of the iceberg when we want to reconcile and balance purpose and money. There are only a few spots left, so I encourage you to sign up