Saying Goodbye

What if we were just dragging things and relationships along with us because we don’t want to say goodbye?

In this episode, I’m going to give you a three-step process to say goodbye to the people and things in your life. This is to add to the grief discussion we had last week with Wendy Sloneker. If you have not already, I encourage you to listen to that episode first.

The first step is to give yourself a lot of self-love and compassion to feel the sadness to leave the country you live in, the house, the friends, the people, and maybe other things like pets. 

This second step of the process is called the inventory phase. 

Think about it like this: It’s so much better to have one gorgeous dress that fits perfectly than 10 that is fine. It’s so much better to have one great friend to stay in touch with than 6 good friends.

By focusing your energy on great friendships, and on great things– you can make the most out of your energy. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you making conscious decisions on who you truly want in your life? 

What do you truly want in your life? or are you dragging with “just fine” things and “just fine” people unconsciously?

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