How To Navigate Re-Entry: Part 2 –

Your Transition Tool

Re-entry could be a difficult process, so today I invite you to make use of a powerful tool to make for a more seamless transition. The re-entry map tool is a visualization tactic used to help you reimagine your next step. 

In this episode I’ll guide you through this practice comparing the different rooms in your house to the thoughts in your mind. Some might be dark, some bright. At the end of the episode you’ll be asked to think about how you can change your habits to spend time in a more vibrant room. 

This exercise will help you to recognize that transitions require deeper work than just logistics. It takes self-regulation. It takes habit-building. The very first step is becoming aware and then seeking the help you need to guide you through this process.  Tune in to visualize habits and patterns that don’t serve you– so that you can make room for more aligned ones. 

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