How To Connect To Your Inner Truth Part 2

One of the questions we constantly try to answer throughout this global life is: How do I want to lead my life? Last week, in episode 94, I discussed why this is important to answer. If you have not already make sure to tune into that one!

There is a vague sense of floating and dissatisfaction that often comes from a lack of connection to our inner voice. Being a global nomad means disconnection from our roots, our culture, and our environment. So, it can be easy to get lost along the way.

If we feel that this connection is broken, it is important to restore it. Otherwise, we minimize our dreams and aspirations. And, what’s worse– we often end up living the life of someone else.

So, how can you tap into your intuition each day to live in alignment? This week, I propose a valuable tool that will allow you to gradually recognize the messages that your intuition sends you every day in order to take them into account better.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What are pings? And how you can use them.
  2. How keeping a ping journal might be useful to strengthen your intuition
  3. How I’ve incorporated this tool into my life & the results I’ve seen from it

This episode provides such valuable insight that can change how you live your life. And, if you did find it helpful, make sure to leave me a review :) This is one of the best ways to help someone else discover it!


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