The Process of Alignment through a Career Change with Beth Mina

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Or maybe you’ve felt that you’re meant to do something more impactful? 

Welcome to Love Your Expat Life, where we explore stories of extraordinary transformation and growth to create a location-independent life we love.

In this episode, Beth Mina shares her story about how she rearranged her life to live in a nourishing place, and how she changed careers, all the while also juggling being a new wife. 

Although she had been promoted in her career, was living in a beach town in Hawaii, & was very much in love, she decided there was even more for her.  After hiring a coach, she was able to harness her intuition and create a vision that represented the alignment she feels today.

In this episode, we talk further about how this alignment came to be, and how she embraced her fears and moved forward despite them. 

Tune in to learn:

00:57– an intro to Beth

3:27– alignment in Hawaii

5:14- why were you inspired to make changes?

10:45– tuning in to gain clarity

11:17– how to move forward, fears and all

16:34– what does alignment mean to you?

17:45– how to take action

24:30– celebrating yourself

25:59– changing your belief system

30:20– how does it feel to shake the boat?

33:05– we’re all just figuring it out!

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