How to Seamlessly Relocate Abroad w/ Moving Expert, Josh Sims

After the pandemic, there’s been a tremendous increase in people moving abroad for personal decisions instead of mandated ones by a company. Sanelo is a company that serves those people.

After working in the moving industry for over 20 years, Josh Sims gives his advice for planning a seamless move abroad.

Josh first started out packing and moving homes up and down the West Coast of Australia in between school and university studies. In 2014 he moved to Singapore to work with Santa Fe as the GM and remained in Singapore for 6 years. 


In early 2020 he re-joined Santa Fe this time in Hong Kong where he remained for two years before deciding to move home to Australia as the implications of the pandemic rolled on. Now settled in Sydney, Josh is the COO for Sanelo where he manages and builds out Sanelo’s operations globally.

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or you’re doing it for the first time, John breaks down his best 3 tips for planning and executing your transition without all the stress. 

Before we start, here are a couple of things to consider when relocating:

  1. The more organized your home is, the easier it’ll be for the packers and ultimately on you once your items arrive in your new location.
  2. Countries like Indonesia, parts of Africa, and a lot of countries in Latin America tend to be slower when it comes to shipping items.
  3. Even when you plan extensively, there will always be some things that are out of your control, so manage your expectations accordingly.

Managing your expectations will have a huge impact on your travel experience. A colleague of mine who, after moving to Kenya, found out her shipping container got lost. She got paid out by her insurance, and over a year later she got a call that her container had finally been found. Talk about a frustrating experience! 

Here are some highlights that Josh shared with me:

  1. Common challenges during relocation and tips for overcoming them
  2. Factors that contribute to stress levels during a move and how they can be managed
  3. The different lines of communication that are necessary during a move
  4. Manage their expectations during a relocation, particularly when moving to a new culture or environment
  5. Things that are overlooked and things people do too much of when moving
  6. Balancing the practical aspects of a relocation (e.g. packing, paperwork, etc.) with the emotional and psychological aspects (e.g. leaving friends and family behind, adjusting to a new environment, etc.)

He also reminds us of 3 key tips when relocating:

  1. Be a part of the process and ask questions.
  2. Be prepared that there may be a delay.
  3. Know your moving budget, and prepare to pay unexpected fees.


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