Transformation and Growth Through a Career Change with Elizabeth Mina

Often, people undergo changes when they feel dissatisfied with their current circumstances. In such cases, there’s a tendency to hastily seek something different in order to find relief. 

However, change is often best when we pursue alignment rather than relief. When we already appreciate the life we have and still nurture a desire for growth, for new experiences beyond our current horizons and are aligned with our reasons, this is when magic happens.

Elizabeth Mina, who has made a dramatic career shift after 17 years in a senior position at a government agency, expands on why she decided to shake her beautiful island life in Hawaii all while being a new wife. Spoiler alert: she wanted alignment.

To me, alignment means that we are in agreement with oneself. There is no tension. What we think, feel, and do are harmonious. This is what I help clients do. Create alignment independently of location and circumstances so that they reap the full benefits of their life abroad. 

Mina’s story is inspiring, insightful, and full of valuable lessons that we can all apply in our own lives. Below are some key points we unpack together:

  1. The inspiration behind a drastic life change
  2. How Mina clarified her vision 
  3. Navigating risks and uncertainty
  4. Career decision obstacles 
  5. Letting go as a means to succeed

Resources mentioned:

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