Should We Move Abroad in Our Twenties? with Mathias and Benedicte

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This episode is especially important to me as my in-laws from Norway, Mathias and Benedicte, share their journey of living abroad in many different countries including Oman, Taiwan, & Scotland.

This young couple, who is 20 years younger than me, are at the stage where they’re debating whether or not they should live abroad. Benedicte feels stuck and unsure about next moves while Mathias is very content.

With all the questions swirling about, join us as we explore their thoughts about next steps. They also expound on how travel helped them mold their life up until this point & how they have embraced different cultures to expand themselves.

We also discuss:

2:30– how has your travel shaped the way you want to live your life?

6:00– family ties

8:00– expanding through studying abroad

11:22– feeling trapped

15:03– expat life comes with challenges

18:00– takeaways from living abroad

22:16– growing as an expat couple

26:55– Covid & travel lifestyle impacts

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