Use these 4 stages of change to avoid stressful transitions

A few days ago, my family & I watched a brilliant documentary about Gerry Lopez, a world-famous surfer, and traveler. Gerry’s life journey is inspirational, and as I watched the documentary, I couldn’t help but think about the changes he made in order to achieve such mastery in surfing.

He tells the story of how he transformed and kept transforming. He’s well into his 70’s but still embodies change day in & day out. As I watched this documentary I was paying attention to the changes he made to acquire such surfing mastery.

In this episode, we will discuss the four stages of change, which is a topic that is central to the “Love Your Expat Life” podcast. 

Change is something we’re used to as global nomads. Yet it can be difficult and even stressful for some people, as it often involves leaving behind the familiar and facing the unknown.

But, change is inevitable whether or not we move around the world. In fact, I would argue that change is necessary for personal growth and evolution. 

Like a surfer who chooses which waves to ride, we can choose the changes that are right for us and that align with our goals and values. Sometimes we may fall, and we learn from trying. This is why I believe that embracing change rather than simply resisting and reacting to it is always a better option.

The steps mentioned in this episode are the foundation of the coaching program that I offer, which is designed to help you become aware of the changes you wish to make, observe and understand your current thought patterns that create your current habits and the results you see in your life, try new approaches, and practice deliberately, intentionally in order to create lasting change. 

The program also includes a system of support, accountability, and guidance to help you stay committed to the process and make progress toward your goals.

If you are curious about it and if you are ready to take your dreams and aspirations