Building a Supportive Expat Women Community: Insights from “Coffee with an Expat”

Expatriate women often share a common feeling of loneliness. .

But guest Navine Eldesouki decided to take this shared feeling and create a community out of it. Navine is the founder of Coffee With an Expat, a female-centered space for meaningful connection and storytelling over a cup of coffee. 

I asked Navine about how she grew her supportive global network for women. Here are her insights that you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. The story behind “Coffee With an Expat”
  2. The importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone as an expat
  3. Finding one’s purpose and achievement
  4. Lessons from creating a global community and living an expat lifestyle

It all started when Navine met her husband in Egypt and she found herself isolated and lacking independence after growing up in Australia. After living a nomadic life for over two decades, establishing homes across five continents, seven countries, and fourteen houses, and volunteering extensively with the Syrian refugee crisis she realized something– she was born to build a community. It gave her purpose!

Resources mentioned:

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