Transitions and Changes of a TCK with author, Michael V. Pollock

A TCK, or third culture kid, is a person who spends a significant amount of developmental time outside of their passport country. This exposes them to some tremendous experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Parenting or teaching a Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a one-of-a-kind experience, shaped by their extraordinary mobility. Join us in this enlightening episode as we delve into the distinctive advantages of raising TCKs. Discover powerful strategies to transform the challenges they encounter along their journey into opportunities that foster a profound sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Get ready to unlock the secrets of nurturing exceptional TCKs and embarking on a remarkable parenting adventure.

After dedicating his career to the research and advocacy of TCKs, Michal  V. Pollock unpacks the benefits of this lifestyle and some challenges that arise as well.

He is also an international educator, author, presenter, consultant, and coach, and is the founder and director of Daraja, a program focused on young adult TCK care and advocacy. He has presented globally on TCKs, cross-cultural education, parenting and transition.

And, as we approach the “great migration” time of the year, when we and our TCKs may be on the move once again, it’s important to remember that feeling like a fish out of water is completely normal. Rest assured, you are not alone in this experience. Whether you’re traveling back home, relocating, or going through a reentry process, Girafe Coaching newsletter provides invaluable guidance to help you make the most of this transition. Gain the mental space you need to fully support the well-being of your TCK during this moving season. Make sure to sign up here!

Here are some highlights that Michael shared with me:

  1. How common characteristics of TCKs develop and the impact they have on a their life/ identity
  2. How cross-cultural experiences enrich a TCKs life
  3. Key challenges that are important to note for parents and educators and how to help TCKs navigate them
  4. Parenting resources for TCKs


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P.S. Be sure to tune into next week’s episode where Michael’s co-author, Ruth Van Reken, deep dives into one of the key challenges faced by TCKs: unresolved grief and how to overcome it.