New Ideas to Encourage Smooth Transitions for Parents & Educators with SPAN executive director, Valérie Besanceney

Transition is a vital skill for success in the 21st century, whether or not we live abroad. So, how can schools, educators, & parents better help our children grow up to be more resilient during times of transition?

I know I’m not alone as a parent when I say– we move abroad with the best intentions, but we often focus on the logistical aspects of transitions and neglect the emotional rollercoaster our children have to navigate.

In this episode I have the privilege of speaking with Valérie Besanceney; a TCK, executive director of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN), and an author of two childrens books– “B at Home: Emma Moves Again” and “My Moving Booklet”.

Through Valérie’s experience at SPAN; an organization at the forefront of groundbreaking work in positive transitions-care, and through being a TCK herself– she opens up about gaps she sees in schools and families when it comes to transitioning. She proposes practical solutions for schools and families to prep and support children during these times.

We’ll dive into the fantastic work she does with her organization and explore the skills needed to manage transitions well.

Other key topics discussed:

6:57– Helping families transition easier by use of personal experiences

11:14– The impact of transtions on a childs wellbeing 

17:31– The rollercoaster of emotions associated with different transition cycles

21:01– Effective tools to help children through transitions

25:35– Gaps where teachers and parents can better equip children

29:49– A well managed transition

34:33– Astounding new social research about transitions and globally mobile children

38:26– Transition care program purpose & results 

Remember, transitions are not simply events to be endured but processes to be embraced. By equipping ourselves and our children with the necessary skills, understanding and embracing rather than resisting the emotional journey, and fostering a supportive environment, we can navigate transitions with resilience and thrive in an ever-changing world.

And, this goes without saying, one of the key ways you can help your children is to first help yourself. I encourage you to stop waiting for your perfect life to align, but to carefully craft the life you love– no matter the location or transition. If you need help, head to my website to see how we can work together!

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