How to reduce your mental load ( Part 1)

I need to pack, I have to make sure the dogs have had their shots, I must get the kids ready for school, did I remember to register for a new driving license?

And on and on and on. Life can be overwhelming — especially during times of transition, as every expat knows. 

But what if all those “I need to” and “I have to” and “I must” statements were instead “I choose to”? How much more empowering is it when your actions are controlled by your choices, to get you closer to the life you’ll love, rather than by external forces?

In this episode, I’ll discuss what it means to be carrying a “mental load” or “mental burden,” and how you can lift it off your shoulders.

Learn more about:

  • What is a “mental load”?
  • Why we overload ourselves with cr*p!
  • Why keeping lists really isn’t a solution.
  • How to get your finger off the “overwhelm” button.
  • What you can gain by losing that mental load.

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