How to Face Uncertainty Without Anxiety – Part 1

This episode is a two-part series to describe a simple process to face uncertainty without anxiety. This episode is not for people who feel anxious to the point they cannot function properly. I would strongly advise you, if you are in that case, to seek medical help. Here we are going to discuss situations of low-grade chronic anxiety.


Uncertainty about what’s coming next is a real issue for this community of brilliant global nomads. We are a smart, resilient, flexible, and remarkably adaptable community of people that do have a lot of advantages because of our international mobility however, this doesn’t mean we don’t face anxiety too.


In fact, anxiety is something most of my clients struggle with, and they often feel powerless witnessing the anxiety of their children. Many of those children are third-culture kids, also known as TCKs, and anxiety is common among these youngsters. 

In this two-episode series, I will describe a simple process that I use and can help you and your loved ones decrease the level of stress and anxiety they feel when uncertainty is on the horizon. It takes a little practice, so I invite you to get on my bus for this couple of episodes and try it at home and even as a family if you want.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What is anxiety and where does it stem from?
  2. What our typical response to anxiety is & what happens when we resist it
  3. Other feelings that bubble up and are often attached to anxiety
  4. How to change your mindset around anxiety to help you create more peace


Let me leave you with this:


What is happening in your life that’s creating anxiety? Start by spending some time clarifying the thoughts creating anxiety.

Are you ready to accept the uncertainty that is part of our human condition and put all your energy into what you can control: how you think about your situation?


And if you feel anxiety regarding decisions that are on the line, I have good news for you. I’m facilitating a roundtable discussion on how to make decisions in times of transition on November 2nd & 9th at 9 am EST. Sign up for free here!

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