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Simplifying complex lives, careers, and relationships for expats, global nomads, Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and diplomats on assignment

Welcome! My name is Caroline Giffon, I’m a certified Life Coach, and I help global nomads, expats , and their partners and families, thrive in their lives abroad.

Through my coaching program, I can help you:

  • Girafe Coaching Icon   Uncover your unique vision and purpose;

    Girafe Coaching Icon   Make confident, decisive choices that align with your vision, globally mobile lifestyle and goals;

  • Girafe Coaching Icon   Align your actions with your values and vision to make your dreams and aspirations a reality;

  • Girafe Coaching Icon   Overcome obstacles and take control of your journey towards success;

  • Girafe Coaching Icon   Elevate your daily life with clarity, simplicity, joy and lightness;

  • Girafe Coaching Icon   Experience the fulfillment of true and lasting connection with loved ones.

As a life coach for global nomads, I help my clients reconnect with themselves, bring impacts to the world, create deeper connections with their families, and live joyful, fulfilling lives – all across the globe.

Despite enjoying amazing life experiences abroad, global nomads, expats, TCKs and diplomats often feel like it’s too complicated to carve out their dreams. And when this happens, their relationships with their partners, themselves, and loved ones can suffer as a result.

Whether your professional degree is not recognized in your new home, you’re ready to change direction or reinvent yourself, or you want to build strong connections with your partner and children, I help you get where you want to be.



No need to explain- I get it

For the last 20 years, I have lived in France, the UK, Italy, the United States, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Before finding my calling as a certified life coach for global nomads, I worked in the field of international development — and I loved it.

But I didn’t always feel like I was living to my full potential. I wanted this life, it was my dream, I worked hard at it, and I am proud of it. And yet… I felt like something was missing and too complicated at the same time.

Like you, I have packed and unpacked my family in record time, recreated my professional identity, and navigated new cultures. I know what it’s like to have ticked all the boxes on paper and still feel unfulfilled.

I know what it’s like to wonder what’s next and whether it’s the right time or the right thing. I know how uncomfortable it can be to hear a simple question like, “What brought you here?” or “What do you do?”.  I’ve also felt disconnected from the people who mean the most to me, and worried about the long-lasting impact that a nomadic life might have on our TCKs (our third-culture kids).

Then, I discovered the truth: I could reinvent myself thousands of times and move to twenty countries, but I could never unleash real change while suffering from self-doubt.

I had to believe in my vision.

I had to believe that I could create a successful life coaching business and do what I love: supporting global nomads, expats, and diplomats in receiving clarity in their expat life, while also being the spouse and parent I want to be.

Now, I look forward to helping you find your vision, step into your purpose, and reconnect to what matters most.



    Girafe Coaching is a leading Life Coaching and Training practice for globally minded individuals, diplomats, expats, and organizations with international talent. 

    We work with people who live abroad, are on assignment, or are repatriating to design their own lives, instead of following the currents of others. 

    We believe that when you live life on your own terms, you create a world where you become an example of what’s possible, make a positive impact in your community, and deepen your relationships with yourself, your family, and partner. 

    Learn more about our values:

    Prioritizing family & relationships. Moving so often sometimes means relationships are strained – because of this we prioritize our families and relationships in everything we do. Work is great, but relationships come first.

    Being adventurous. Being adventurous with our decisions, lives, and everything else! We don’t believe in following what’s always been done or the current of others.

    Being intentional with balance. We believe in being intentional with balancing all areas of our lives – career, personal, familial, social, and more; creating harmony in all these areas. 

    Acting with integrity. Being honest and truthful with our needs, wants, and expectations so there is clear communication. We want our actions to reflect how we feel and think, with intention

    Making a difference. Living a nomadic lifestyle is amazing and we want to make a positive contribution to the world, people, the planet, our communities and more. We want to have a positive social impact wherever we go.

    Having curiosity. We approach each situation, challenge, opportunity, and relationship with curiosity and an open-mind.