The Labyrinth of

“I Don’t Know”

In the next few episodes, I plan to talk about “dream stealers” — those thieves that steal our hopes and plans for our futures and the lives we want to lead.

This week, I focus on one of the most insidious stealers of dreams: “I don’t know.”

It’s such a simple sentence, but the words can become a trap. Perhaps you want to focus more on your career, but you quickly become tangled in so many I don’t knows — I don’t know what to do without a work permit, I don’t know how long we’ll be in this country, I don’t know who will take care of my kids — that very quickly, your dream is smothered in uncertainty and overwhelm.

When you are trapped and spinning in a labyrinth of I don’t knows, there are ways to find the right path. I want to share some tools with you that will help you steer clear of the labyrinth.

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