How to Create a Portable Business & Change Your Money Mindset

Amel Derragui is a business and marketing coach and the founder of Tandem Nomads.

Since 2015, she’s been on a mission to help solo entrepreneurs and small business owners across the world launch and grow their portable businesses, while assisting them to align with their lifestyles and their families’ needs.

She’s an international speaker, works with global organizations, and has been featured in various media such as Globally Living Magazine and Forbes magazine speaking on entrepreneurship, global lifestyle, social impact, and women empowerment.

She’s developed a proven methodology to help her clients build a successful portable business and adapt it to their needs.

Tune into this episode to learn about:

  • How entrepreneurship is an excellent solution to dual career challenges & her personal journey of creating sustainable money through her portable business
  • Where her business idea came from & the philosophy she embraced; “start first”
  • Her transition from being a marketing consultant to expanding through her online courses like her Portable Business Accelerator
  • Her mindset shift that created more alignment in her life & her business
  • How shifting from a scarcity money mindset to an abundance & positive energy-driven mindset will unlock new opportunities 

To learn more about Tandem Nomads and connect with Amel visit her website here!

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