How to Let Go of the Holiday Blues

The holidays can be emotional. Sometimes it’s a joyous feeling of celebrations & traditions, but it can also be a time of sadness or homesickness.  

Especially for ex-pats, traditions from home might be missed. Traditions are a way to feel connected to our family or tribe. They’re a way to feel connected to past generations. So when we aren’t able to celebrate certain holidays in a way that’s meaningful to us we feel disconnected.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the holiday season can bring up uncomfortable feelings
  • A mindset shift tool that’ll rewire the way you think about the holidays
  • Real-life examples of how I’ve used this tool & how you can too

Understanding that we are not alone in struggling with these situations is precisely the big advantage of the group coaching that I offer. It is often challenging trying to solve your own problems. 

However, having access to the issues of other people who are in similar situations to ours and witnessing how they propose to overcome these difficulties will nourish your own understanding and experience. 

When we stop judging ourselves on our own experience, we free up powerful resources to overcome these difficulties. The group carries the momentum that carries each of the participants. If you’re interested in my next cohort of group ex-pat coaching, learn more here!

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Episode 62: Homesick