Adventures Abroad: from Climate Scientist to ESL Teacher with Dian Seidel

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In this episode, national climate senior scientist, Dian Seidel expounds on her transformative journey teaching english in Thailand during her third trimester.

After decades in a fulfilling career where her work contributed to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, Dian broke the mold by moving abroad and expanding her perspectives with her partner. She made one of her lifelong dream come true, and even after encountering many obstacles, she had the resilience to push through and make the most out of her experience in Thailand!

This trip inspired her book, Kindergarten at 60; a travel memoir story, it pushed her to become more adaptable, to strengthen her relationship with her spouse, and to truly appreciate all the bumps traveling sometimes throws at us.

We also discuss:

2:36– the beginning stages of a transition

8:50– a 60 year old vision

12:00– a change in perspective

14:10– when challenges arise abroad

16:38– living abroad as a couple

20:18– letting go of expectations

22:28– gratitude

27:33– you can have an enriching life in your third trimester!

32:33– takeaways from teaching in Thailand

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Kindergarten at 60: A Memior of Teaching in Thailand (not an affiliate link)