Why is embracing discomfort the currency to success?

Discomfort is the currency we exchange for our dreams. But, are you taking action on the wrong type of discomfort?

It’s important to understand that this level of discomfort is a natural part of the process, and it can manifest as feelings of doubt, fear, trepidation, frustration, and confusion. When we set big goals for ourselves and venture out of our comfort zone, our primitive brain – which is wired for safety and familiarity – goes into panic mode.

True growth requires effort and hard work, and it’s important to put ourselves out there and set big goals for ourselves in order to truly move forward.

But, how do you know if you are in discomfort that serves you or if you’re in discomfort that doesn’t serve you? It’s an important question for you to ask yourself because the confusion between the two is the difference between success and failure long term.

And sometimes, asking yourself these questions can be uncomfortable or difficult on your own which is why in my program Unlock Your Full Potential we do it together. Not only can you be held accountable, and uncover self-beliefs that are holding you back, but you’ll also gain more clarity on what it is you want & how to actually get there.

After tuning into this episode to learn the types of discomfort, I invite you to join the waitlist for Unlock Your Full Potential. Explore your mind amongst other global nomads in this empowering work to change the course of your life. See you there!