No Time, And So Much To Do!

It’s the end of the school year, the summer is approaching, and some of you might be moving. Your mind can easily be overwhelmed, like when you leave your phone in the heat for an hour and it shuts down and you see the red temperature sign appear.

But in reality, being stressed and overwhelmed does not happen to us. It’s a feeling that comes up when we think:

  1.  I’ve all those things to do and this is a problem
  2.  I’ll never have the time to do all this and this is a problem
  3. I do not know where to start and this is a problem

These are all really toxic thought patterns that our minds feast on. So, how can you change these thoughts? 

Here the skill to have is to be able to decide and stick to what we decided. 

When there are many things we want to get done, we need to start one step a time. And get things done one by one. Being in the moment and taking just that one action and not thinking about all the other future actions is the fastest and most efficient way to get things done.

Today your first step is to listen to this episode. You’ll know which step to take afterwards. 

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References: The One Thing by Gary Keller (not an affiliate link)

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