Amel Derragui – Tandem Nomads episode #276

I was a guest speaker for Tandem Nomad’s podcast.  I would love for you to listen to it.
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Excerpt from Tandem Nomads:  Believing in your success and establishing the right mindset can be the difference between a business that moves forward and one that gets stuck. Part of that success also relies on knowing when and what to delegate.

This week, I am bringing to you a student of my online program, the Portable Business Accelerator™, Caroline Giffon whose journey and growth has been so great to watch.

She shares how she grew her business and the reasons for her early success. She talks passionately about how she created her team, and why investing in herself has positively shaped her business. Caroline’s insights into how to establish the right mindset for personal and business growth make for valuable listening.

Trusting in my success ahead of time helped me to invest in myself and in what I needed to grow.