The Importance of Pleasure

3-year-olds might have it the best amongst all us humans. 

Think about it… a continuous stream of naps, getting delicious meals served up to you, making a mess then watching someone else clean it up, and then a bit of playtime to top it all off. 

What’s at the root of a 3-year-old’s existence you ask?


In fact, pleasure is the driving force for why anyone does anything.

Why you bought that mouth-watering strawberry cheesecake, the reason behind planning a vacation, or the purpose behind attending concerts…

It’s all for pleasure in some way or another.

But, if it’s the life force behind us all, why is it that most of us put it on the back burner? 

Let me ask you a question–

In the last 24 hours: what amount of space have you carved out for physical or emotional pleasure? If your pleasure space is nonexistent, I want to tell you that you are not alone.

In this episode, we’ll discuss some of the main obstacles that stand in your way like considering pleasure a luxury or only allowing pleasure once a huge accomplishment is reached.

To add– humans often succumb to ‘false pleasure’ which we’ll dig into too.

If you want to transform your life and implement changes to create a wildly fulfilling life then pleasure needs to be at the center of what you do.


The truth is when pleasure is absent, we give up. For our actions to be sustainable, pleasure and satisfaction must be the driving force and the reward for everything.

Tune in to see how you can start cultivating pleasure right at this very moment and if you need help creating sustainable pleasure for years to come–  join the Unlock Your Full Potential waitlist (for free)!