Career Stability and Success for a Diplomat’s Spouse

Is change happening to you? Or with you?

In this episode, my guest, Ania Krasniewska, asks us these important and powerful questions. Because there is a real difference between them, isn’t there?

Are you frustrated with being assumed to be “along for the ride” with your expat spouse? Are you frustrated with how difficult it can be to carve out an identity of your own, earn your own money, be in control of your circumstances? 

While dealing with the challenges of being an accompanying spouse, Ania has made a success of her own life. She’s a Group Vice President at Gartner and is the Global Co-Chair of Women@Gartner, helping drive recruitment of women and make the workplace more inclusive. 

She shared with me how she managed to navigate both a high-powered career and the many changes, transitions, and challenges of being an expat spouse and mother of two.