Thinking Outside the Box so International Children Can Thrive with Expat Valley, Former Co-founder, Matthijs de Rave

There are 40 million global families who move to a new place, leave their neighbors, jobs, schools, and communities behind. They have to start all over again. 

This is where international organizations need to step up and recreate that sense of a ‘village’ again so that those international children can thrive.

I’m joined by Former Co-founder at Expat Valley and Ombudsman for International Children co-founder, Matthijs de Rave. Together, we will delve into his inspiring vision for international children and what it means to make a real impact for these children.

Matthijs has been a pioneer in ‘thinking outside the box’ and successfully approaching corporate organizations in the mobility sphere. His abundant mindset has been instrumental during his startup journey, so we explore how it shapes his approach and leads to his remarkable achievements.

In this conversation, we cover key topics like:

6:00– The commonalities between international children

7:47– Support system changes for internationally mobile children & where Expat Valley fits in

17:40– How an abundance mindset can help you overcome challenges & how to cultivate one

25:52– Tools and resources for TCK parents

39:58– The future of Expat Valley

This conversation is packed with real life insights and solutions on how we can understand and think creatively about how to better serve internationally mobile children.

And, this goes without saying, one of the key ways you can help your children is to become an example of what is possible. I encourage you to stop waiting for your perfect life to align, but to carefully craft the life you love– no matter the location. If you need help, head to my website to see how I can support you and your family!

Resources mentioned:

  • Episodes 107: Transitions and Changes of a TCK with author, Michael V. Pollock
  • Episode 108: Unresolved Grief and How to Overcome It: Part 1 with TCK Expert, Dr. Ruth Van Reken
  • Episode 109: Unresolved Grief and How to Overcome It: Part 2 with TCK Expert, Dr. Ruth Van Reken