Escaping the Turbulent Zone: Tool for Calming Your Anxious Mind

Welcome to Love Your Expat Life, a podcast that explores the realms of expat life– and all the ups and downs it brings.

Today I want to share a tool with you for calming an anxious mind. Naturally, as an expat, anxiety may rise to high levels at certain moments throughout our journey.

For instance,  “What if my kids are not accepted into the school we applied to next year? What if we are not able to live well without the perks and benefits in this expensive city we’re moving to?”

The problem is that those thought patterns torment you, creating daily worry, anxiety, fear, and even terror. It colors everything you do, preventing you from fully living in the present moment and leading you to live in your head with an unfavorable scenario that does not yet exist and that hopefully will never exist.

So this week I invite you to tune into this episode, soak in the tool I’ve presented, & start implementing it into your daily life. 

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