Your Energy is Just on the Other Side of Discomfort

Recently I spoke to a friend that had managed to stay fit through his Iraq posting…

He told me that he saw three types of habits developing among people he shared the compound with: 

1- becoming a hunk,

2- a drunk or 

3- a chunk. 

I saw this over and over with me and with others moving around the world. 

It’s easy to go to extremes and wait for 6 pm to start opening the first bottle of wine. We all know people who exercise three times a day to get steam off, work late nights and weekends, take no breaks because the needs of people are so great, or spend late nights playing poker.

I’m not judging. Not at all. I’ve seen how easy it is to jump on the social wagon and tell oneself it’s fun, everyone is doing it. I love wine. But I notice as I get older that when I drink, I steal a little bit more of tomorrow every time.

I want to show you that you can stop these compounding bad habits before they become large ones. And, how you can replace them with new habits that align with the life you want.

Today, I’ll share my 3 step process of intentionally creating new habits, and I’ll share my personal ‘get my energy back’ protocol. I’ll invite you to design yours and will show you how to follow through. 

Who knows, maybe your very first step in changing your habits is to simply listen to this episode.

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