Motherhood & Legacy Quest

with Julianne Bosch

Julianne Bosch is a CEO to moms as a life, career coach, and as of recently– an author of How a Mother Took Her First Step On The Moon- A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children. 

In this episode, Julianne speaks about:

  • How traveling to 13 countries shaped her growth mindset
  • The period of change that occurs between the ages of your 40s and 50s
  • How her new book came to fruition, the purpose behind it, & how it can help other mothers think about what they want their legacy to be
  • Celebrating motherhood in all its ups and downs instead of thinking about some of the unglamorous tasks that come with it
  • Using journaling as a means to self-reflect and grow

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*period changes between 40’s & 50’s

*moved 13 times around the world– life and career coach

*If something was to happen to me, what would be my legacy? Writing the book to document the journey of motherhood

*celebrating motherhood instead of saying, ‘I’m just being a mom’

*You hold the people close to you with a meal tradition which was carried into every country

*Culmination of stories that happened – not to tell people what to do, but how it unfolded & invite other moms to write in the book– what is your integrity? Giving your children power to be curious– so we’re not just reacting but making a gameplan

*How have you used journaling? Helps you reflect, we minimize little things that happen but whe you write it down– it give you a scope to see how much you’ve grown

*legacy– writing unborn grandchildren letters

*traveling– loves the quest of meeting new people + bridge the gap in meeting new people, hearing their stories

*encourage parents to learn from your kids & if you aren’t open to it you’re missing out on connection

*its good to look at the past to learn from those stories & how they can help nourish you

*going to japan despite a tsunami just hitting 2 weeks prior & the growth mindset that came with it

*everyone in life wants to give you something –