When the Unthinkable Has Happened: Choice #2

The war in Ukraine continues, and our newsfeeds are full of terrible images of suffering people. It’s heartbreaking to watch and feel so powerless to help.

These are awful, uncomfortable emotions, and of course we want to avoid them. I’d like to suggest we acknowledge them instead. 

In this episode, I share how acknowledging our emotions, allowing ourselves to sit with them, can help us to avoid “buffering” behavior that won’t help the problem and will only make us feel worse later.


  • How global events are affecting us.
  • What are numbing or buffering behaviors?
  • How can we avoid the shame, guilt, and regret of buffering behaviors?
  • How and why do you “hold space” for your feelings?
  • What is the “eventhough” tool?
  • Other episodes that can help with this emotional work.

This is a truly scary and difficult time, but feelings of overwhelm and panic help no one. Learn the skills to resist emotional overload.

For more on this, come see me at GirafeCoaching.com. Have a great week.