“Dependent” to Successful Entrepreneur

Are you someone who is thinking about launching a business, but are worried about the complexities of doing so as an expatriate? This week’s episode is the perfect one to listen to. 

Just as I help people through times of transition, so does Augustin Bonniol, CEO of ABC Expat — though the kind of help we offer is very different!

As a “trailing spouse,” Augustin did what many accompanying partners do: he handled all the “life” arrangements in the new country. Housing, work permit, car, banking — when you build a life in a new country, the beginning can be complicated and quite stressful! Especially when you’re confronted with a new system, a new culture, perhaps even a new language.

He saw the opportunity and turned these logistical challenges into a business — ABC Expat. 

How did he make the leap from “trailing spouse” to successful entrepreneur? Well, for one thing, he ignored the nay-sayers and critics and listened instead to his own heart.

Join me to hear this amazing story, then let’s work together to create YOUR amazing story! Find me at GirafeCoaching.com

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