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The Keys to Personal Leadership - How to Follow Through on Your Goals

Why are most New Year’s resolutions abandoned in January? 

Why is happiness so fleeting after we achieve what we thought would bring lasting happiness — an overseas vacation, a new adventure with a move abroad, a new job opportunity, or even a new relationship?

Sustained change requires personal leadership. 

Personal leadership is not discipline or willpower.

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What you will learn in this Masterclass 

  • I’ll explain why you’re not reaching your goals and how personal leadership will help you achieve your goals.

  • You’ll walk away with 5 keys to becoming the leader of your own life.
  •  Ready to create that life you love with sustainable habits?

    Who is Caroline Giffon?

    I have spent the last twenty years living abroad in six different countries across three continents. Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to work on issues that are important to me and explore the world both as a staff member deployed abroad and as an accompanying partner. Along the way, I have experienced firsthand the incredible gains and challenges that a globally mobile life can bring, such as career sacrifices, loss of identity, loss of community, fragmented family ties, and logistical headaches.

    After a career in international development, I followed my calling to become a Certified Life and Career Coach. I founded Girafe Coaching to help expatriates, diplomats, third culture kids (TCKs), and globally-minded individuals who want to (re)create a life they love, where they feel accomplished, light, and joyful. I help bring clarity and simplicity to complex lives.

    Through my weekly podcast, Love Your Expat Life, I offer insights into the fundamental mechanisms of the human brain and share tools to help global nomads and their families realign with their life’s purpose, reconnect with their kindness towards themselves, and start creating a life by design wherever they are living. Love Your Expat Life has been selected as one of the Top 35 Expat Podcasts.